Batman: Arkham Knight Ending Spoiled?

People who have pre-ordered the limited edition set for June’s release of the video game “Batman: Arkham Knight” have come across something which seems to spoil a major plot point within the game.

Specifically, the spoiler is a message scrawled on the base of the twelve-inch plastic sculpture of Batman in his outfit that comes with the set. Said plaque seems to reveal the game’s supposed ending.

Amazon has exclusive rights to sell the set and posted a high-res image of it the other day on its listing. When the photo is clicked on, the message on the base is quite clear.

Once the story hit game news sites though, the retailer swapped it out and replaced it with a new shot in which the message has been changed to the much shorter and simpler ‘The Gotham Knight’. The original image and message is still available up on for those who don’t mind being spoiled.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is the third and likely last instalment of Rocksteady’s trilogy of “Batman” games following “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Batman: Arkham City” (“Batman: Arkham Origins” was handled by WB Games Montreal).

‘Arkham Knight’ is currently set for a June 2nd release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.