Batman 3 Announcement In July

Batman-On-Film reports that Warner Bros. Pictures is expected to make an official “Batman 3” announcement this July.

The news is expected to be along the lines of their post-2006 Comic Con announcement for “The Dark Knight” which revealed the film’s official title, Heath Ledger’s casting and the release date.

This announcement may come earlier as director Christopher Nolan will be doing press for “Inception” in early July and will no doubt be asked a lot about how the third “Batman” film is progressing.

Meanwhile cinematographer Wally Pfister, who shot both “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”, tells Cinematical that he and Nolan aren’t really talking about filming the project in 3D but they have discussed shooting entirely in IMAX.

In any case what Nolan “is adamant about is that he wants to shoot on film. He doesn’t want to shoot on video, and I’m the same way.”