Bates Motel Looks At Psycho’s Origins

A&E is developing “Bates Motel”, a prequel series based on the famed hotel featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” says The Live Feed.

The series would offer insight into how Norman Bates’ psyche developed and would tell the back story of his relationship with his mother Norma and her lover, eventually transforming him into a serial-killing motel owner. Anthony Cipriano penned the script.

NBC previously tried a similar spin-off film back in 1987 with a TV movie of the same name. The 1990 cable TV movie “Psycho IV: The Beginning” explored just such a storyline with Henry Thomas playing a young Norman Bates and Olivia Hussey as his mother Norma.

A&E is also developing a remake of the Danish series “Those Who Kill” about a female police detective and profiler who hunts serial killers.