Bashir Director Tells Anne Frank’s Story

Acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman (“Waltz with Bashir,” “The Congress”) is set to write and direct a family-driven animated film for Purple Whale Films.

The story will be based on the life and diary of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who wrote down her family’s experience hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. She was ultimately caught and sent to a concentration camp where she died of typhus.

The project marks the first time a production team has been granted full access to all the archives of the Anne Frank Fonds Basel founded in 1963 by her father, the only survivor of the family.

Production is slated to begin next winter. Frank’s story has been adapted numerous times before for both television and film, most famously 1959’s “The Diary of Anne Frank” which won three Oscars.

Source: Screen