Barrymore, Rihanna & “Charlie’s Angels”

Drew Barrymore tells E! Online that she’s up for a third “Charlie’s Angels” movie.

“I’m so into it. They’re hard movies to make, but they’re fun” said Barrymore during promotion of her new star-filled romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Barrymore produced and starred as Dylan Sanders in the previous two films.

Barrymore’s Flower Films producing partner Nancy Juvonen followed those comments up in an interview with Sci-Fi Wire where she indicated she’s keen on the idea of a fourth ‘Angel’ and she has a ‘Rihanna fixation’.

Who’d direct? “I don’t think we could do it without McG, and I think that the Angels all at least need to be there.” She also likes the idea of bringing back the Thin Man (Crispin Glover).