Bardem, Not Bale, Climbs “The Dark Tower”?

Things have gotten a little confusing here. Last week it was reported that we’d likely know who was set to play Gunslinger Roland Deschain in Ron Howard’s “film trilogy and two TV season” adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” at Universal Pictures.

Earlier this month, Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen were apparently the top candidates. Then earlier today The New York Post reported that Christian Bale had emerged as the top candidate for the role.

The paper also reports that “Dexter” regular Jennifer Carpenter and Moraccan actress Ghita Tazi have joined “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress Naomie Harris as the key candidates for the lead female role of Sussanah Dean.

Not so fast though. With Mortensen having just signed for “Snow White and the Huntsmen”, that left the question of Bardem. Shortly after that initial NY Post story, Deadline chimed in saying Bardem isn’t just in the running but has beaten out Bale and has been officially offered the lead role.

Howard plans at this point to direct the initial film as well as the first TV season that will create a bridge to the second feature. If Bardem closes the deal, he’ll likely appear in all three films and that first TV season.