Barb Gets Graphic In “Stranger Things” Spoiler Art

One of the major concept artists involved in Netflix’s talked about “Stranger Things” TV series was Aaron Sims Creative which came up with numerous works for the show. Some were utilised, but as with most concept art, there was a lot left on the drawing room floor.


One of those revolved around the fate of one of the smaller characters who has since captured the cultural zeitgeist – Barb. Talking with Screen Crush, Aaron Sims says that one of the things they came up with was an even more graphic version of Barb’s death than what we saw and he explains why they went that route:

“Based on our original discussion with the Duffers on this design, we wanted to go really graphic with it to highlight the horrific aspects of Barb being eaten, and something then growing on top of her – thus, the ribs poking out of her stomach in the first shot…. In the script for that episode, there was specifically a description of a spider coming out of her mouth, which we incorporated into the design of that second shot.”

The reason these concepts went unused wasn’t because of squeamishness, but rather because Barb’s body was too unrecognizable in this state: “it wasn’t an issue of it being too graphic, but rather, that the viewer needed to see something that was very recognizably dead.”

The hashtag #JusticeForBarb has popped up in the past few days following an interview with The Duffers Brothers suggesting that there’ll definitely be some callbacks to her and her fate should a second season go ahead.