Banderas To Play Castro In “Daughter”

Antonio Banderas has entered talks to play Fidel Castro in Michael Radford’s upcoming drama

“Castro’s Daughter” at Mankind Entertainment says Screen Daily.

The film tells the true life story of Alina Fernandez, the product of a love affair between Fidel and Cuban socialite Naty Revuelta.

Alina went on to reject her father’s regime and secretly fled Cuba in the early 1990’s disguised as a Spanish tourist. The real Alina volunteered Banderas’ name as the ideal person to play the role.

The tone is said to be somewhat akin to “The King’s Speech” but from a daughter’s perspective as she “overcomes the everlasting effects of the grips of her father through self liberation”.

“Crash” co-writer Bobby Moresco and Pulitzer prize-winning author Nilo Cruz are penning the script. John Martinez and Joe Lamy are producing and shooting will take place in Puerto Rico.