Bana Returns To Comedy For Apatow

Eric Bana is returning to his stand-up comedian roots in “Knocked Up” director Judd Apatow’s next project according to CHUD.

The comedy-drama follows a group of stand-up comedians and already has Adam Sandler, Leslie Mann and Seth Rogen in its cast. Bana has been approached to play Clarke, Mann’s boyfriend.

Bana started out as a comedian on the Australian stand-up circuit before spending much of his late twenties doing the comedic sketch show “Full Frontal” for four years along with his own short-lived talk show in 1997.

Three years later he took on the dramatically dark turn as mob hitman Chopper Read in “Chopper” which lead to him being noticed as a serious dramatic actor internationally – most outside of Australia still unfamiliar with his comedic work.

Apatow’s comedy opens on July 31st 2009.