Bale Already Filming Malick’s Next?

Last month came the news that Christian Bale had scored the lead role in legendary filmmaker Terrence Malick’s next and still untitled project.

Then this weekend at the Austin City Limits Music Festival came a surprise – Malick and Bale were both spotted and photographed along with a full camera crew at the event according to The Film Stage. Details of the production remain extremely scarce aside from the casting of Bale and Haley Bennett, the latter also spotted at the event.

Malick and the crew were said to be on the stage and were filming during several numbers from the likes of Pretty Lights, Bright Eyes and Coldplay. It’s likely a one-off event shoot as Bale is still committed to filming on “The Dark Knight Rises” until November.

Malick’s film isn’t expected to go into full production until sometime next year, the auteur is still finishing up the Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams romantic drama he shot a while back which is still in post-production. Click the photo below for more shots of Bale, Malick, Bennett and the crew filming at the festival: