Baldwin, Hiddleston Talk Marvel Villains

Talking with Howard Stern last week, “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin revealed he was offered a villain role in an upcoming Marvel film.

Baldwin had to turn it down, however, due to his wife’s pregnancy. He also won’t mention which role it is in respect for the actor who did get cast.

Speaking of Marvel villains, actor Tom Hiddleston has confirmed that his fan favorite character Loki will NOT be appearing in the upcoming sequel “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” even in a cameo. Hiddleston tells Empire:

“I think it’s great for the film that I’m not going to be in it. Because I’m so proud of the first one, and Joss and I had so many things that we loved about it. And if we were to do it again we’d be chasing those moments.

The Avengers need a new villain to fight and they need new things to do. I’ll be in the front row when it comes out.”