Bad Santa Sequel Begins Production

Miramax and Broad Green Pictures announced today that principal photography has begun in Montreal on “Bad Santa 2,” the follow-up to the dark comedy hit “Bad Santa”.

Billy Bob Thornton reprises his Golden Globe-nominated role as Willy Soke, and Kathy Bates is set to play Willy’s tough-as-nails mom Sunny Soke. Original cast members Tony Cox and Brett Kelly also return as Marcus and Thurman Merman.

Joining them will be Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars”) as charity runner Regent Hastings, Christina Hendricks as Regent’s wife Diane, and Jenny Zigrino (“50 Shades of Black”) and Jeff Skowron (“The Good Shepherd”) as security guards Gina and Dorfman respectively.

Mark Waters (“Freaky Friday,” “Mean Girls”) helms the film which is due for release on November 23rd. Geyer Kosinski and Andrew Gunn are producing.

Source: Miramax Pictures