“Bad Moms” Gets A “Bad Dads” Spin-Off

In the wake of the success of “Bad Moms,” STX Entertainment has announced plans for a spin-off film titled “Bad Dads” and have announced a release date of July 14th 2017.

‘Moms’ has grossed nearly $180 million worldwide at the box office, the most successful release by far for two-year-old STX who plan to milk it for all its worth numerous spinoffs, digital shorts, a reality series and more planned. In a statement, STX says:

“Where other studios have automatically green lit traditional and significantly more expensive sequels, STX has determined those sequels on average are grossing 68% less than the originals. Instead, STX has chosen to focus on extending consumer passion for the Bad Moms brand with a series of film spin-offs, a reality television show, short form digital content, and a robust consumer products program.”

“Bad Moms” was produced for $20 million and grossed $113 million domestic total – a multiple of 4.7 which is the highest opening weekend multiple of any wide release film this year.

Source: Variety