“Bad Boys 3,” “Defenders” Filming Start Dates?

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, actor Martin Lawrence confirmed that “Bad Boys For Life,” the upcoming third film in the action series, aims to begin filming early next year with a start date already in mind:

“We’re looking towards maybe March. So hopefully it may happen if we can get everybody together at the same time.”

Joe Carnahan is set to direct the film which has had multiple release date delays due to production having not locked down a start date for years. Sounds like they finally have sorted things out and the timing is right if the film is to meet its current January 12th 2018 release date.

Speaking of start dates, MCU Exchange has pieced together from various interviews and comments a rough schedule for filming on Marvel and Netflix’s “The Defenders” event series.

Finn Jones, who has been shooting Marvel’s “Iron Fist,” revealed that there’s around a three week gap between the conclusion of filming for “Iron Fist” and the start of filming for “The Defenders”. The “Iron Fist” production crew held a wrap party last week, which would suggest the start of filming for “The Defenders” will kick off sometime around early November.

No air date has yet been set for “The Defenders” with the best estimates putting it at sometime in the fourth-quarter of next year.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel