Back In Blax With Dolemite

Fallout Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake the 1975 blaxploitation action comedy “Dolemite” and has had discussions with several stars of comedy and hip-hop (eg. Snoop Dogg) says trade publication The Hollywood Reporter.

Dolemite — inspired by a character created by comedian-writer-producer Rudy Ray Moore during the 1970s — is an ex-con who, in attempting to regain control of his nightclub, is joined by a squad of “kung-fu fighting girls” and other allies as he goes up against all who stand in his way.

Bill Fishman (“Car 54, Where are You?,” “Tapeheads”) is slated to direct from a screenplay being written by Jeff Hause and David Hines. Fishman hopes to begin production in the fall. The film is set in Los Angeles, but he said there are discussions about shooting in New Orleans.