Babylon A.D. Edit Rumors Denied

Sometimes rumors do take on a life of their own.

Early last Fall, the sci-fi epic “Bablyon A.D.” starring Vin Diesel was pushed back from mid-February 2008 to pne of the worst release slots on the calendar – the last weekend of August.

Along with the delay, there was talk that a near three-hour cut of the film existed and would be shown in European theatres, whilst in the US there would only be a cutdown sub-two hour version of the film.

Now, the film’s official MySpace page has been updated with some answers to those long standing rumors:

“Babylon AD has never had a 2hr 40min cut. This rumor came from a joke [Director] Mathieu Kassovitz did in front of some journalists last September…apparently some of them didn’t understand it.

The approximate length of the film is 1hr 40min and this is what has been delivered to our partner FOX. So I can reassure you, FOX is not chopping up the film and cutting 70 mins.”

There will be some differences however between the US domestic version, rated PG-13, and the harder core international versions – “About the PG13, that was a contractual agreement between Fox and us, so there is no surprise on that end. The truth is Fox – like any other studio – will have their final cut on their territories and Mathieu Kassovitz has his on the European ones. So there will naturally be a few differences between the two.”

Twitchfilm adds that the European cut of the film will run at 105 minutes, whilst the US/UK cut was submitted to the UK’s BBFC for classification and was officially pegged at 90 minutes long.

A French teaser should be released on the web shortly.