Babadook Helmer Up For “Captain Marvel”?

Both Jennifer Kent (“The Babadook”) and Niki Caro (“Whale Rider”) are reportedly contenders to direct Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” film – the company’s first feature to center on a female superhero.

Earlier today came the news that Oscar-winner Brie Larson is the favorite to star as the title character in the film, an Air Force pilot whose DNA is fused with that of an alien during an accident. The resulting alteration imbues her with the super powers of strength, energy projection and flight.

Heat Vision added to that casting report with these directorial contenders. It is unclear where talks stand with Larson, but the role is expected to be cast before a director comes onboard. The film already does have a script though by Nicole Perlman (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Meg LeFauve (“Inside Out”).

Larson will next be seen in “Kong: Skull Island,” Ben Wheatley’s “Free Fire” and the soon to film “The Glass Castle”.