B.O.O. May Delay As “Inside Out” Teased

DreamWorks Animation is reportedly considering plans to movie its animated feature “B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations” out of its currently proposed Summer 2015 release says Variety.

The Anthony Leondis-helmed film deals with a school for ghosts and is currently slated to open in the United States on June 5th 2015. However, rival Pixar has set the more buzzed about “Inside Out” for June 19th – a bit too close for comfort, so one of them has to move.

Adding to the complication is Marvel’s Phase Three films which have settled on release dates that conflict with some of Dreamworks Animation’s slate. DWA’s Jeffrey Katzenberg recently indicated the studio intends to have a lot of flexibility and maneuverability in its release schedule over the next few years, and changes are expected to be announced with “B.O.O.” likely the first of potentially several Dreamworks Animation films to shift.

Speaking of “Inside Out,” Pixar has released the first of likely five character posters and videos for the film which focus on the five key emotions that live as characters inside the head of eleven-year-old girl Riley Anderson. Today’s one is Sadness, played by Phyllis Smith. The other four emotions will get their own posters and videos throughout the rest of this week.