Ayer, Smith Talk “Bright” Sequel & Risk

Netflix first go at an original big-budget blockbuster with the Will Smith-led “Bright” hits the service this coming Friday and while the reviews have yet to come in on the David Ayer-directed fantasy cop tale, those involved have already touched upon the idea of a follow-up.

Speaking with THR, Ayer says he’s not ruling out a sequel saying: “Let’s see what the audience says after it opens. If the audience wants another one who knows.” “roducer Eric Newman adds: “Were there to be another film, there’s certainly enough material unexplored within the world that David and [screenwriter] Max [Landis] have created where we can continue to explore it.”

Smith on the other hand is all about praising the streaming giant for taking a risk with something like this – a big budget movie that doesn’t hold back and earns its hard R rating: “What’s great with Netflix, this is the type of movie you couldn’t have even made anywhere else. This is a rated-R hard, violent $100-plus million-dollar movie. No studio is making that. For Netflix, it’s like an outlet for a kind of creation that you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere.”

We’ll see if the risk pays off when “Bright” hits Netflix on December 22nd.