Ayer Returns To Tank Films With “El Alamein”

Ayer Returns To Tank Films With El Alamein

He followed the motley crew of a WW2 American tank in “Fury,” and now filmmaker David Ayer is returning to the battlefield for the true story tale “El-Alamein” at Lionsgate.

Ayer (“Suicide Squad,” “Bright”) is negotiating to helm the film which deals with the epic, bloody battle in WW2 for control of the Suez Canal. Germany tapped Field Marshall Erwin Rommel to drive eastward along the coast to seize the waterway connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.

Allied forces were routed to intercept and it came down to a stand at El-Alamein where the British, Indians, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans kept the Germans and Italians bottled up and unable to overrun Egypt.

The film’s script was originally written by David Self and the most recent draft is by James Coyne. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Thomas Augsberger and Mark Vahradian are producing and filming aims to begin early 2020.

Source: THR