Avi Arad Adapts Fablehaven

In an interview with ReelzChannel.com, former Marvel honcho turned film producer Avi Arad (“X-Men,” “Spider-Man”) announced that he’s optioned the film rights to “Fablehaven,” a series of fantasy novels penned by Mormon writer Brandon Mull.

“It’s a totally magical thing and it’s gonna be a big deal. I think it’ll be an amazing movie” says Arad. Another Harry Potter-style clone? “It’s very different than that. Harry Potter is Harry Potter; I wouldn’t want to make another one.”

The story follows a brother and sister in their young teenage years who are sent to stay with their grandparents in Connecticut. They soon learn that their grandparents’ property is actually Fablehaven, a secret preserve for dangerous magical creatures.

The children are given strict rules about what they may and may not do, and as a consequence of the boy’s disobedience, a series of events are set in motion that ends up with all of Fablehaven’s caretakers imprisoned by a demon and his minion witch.