Avengers Trailer Causes Studio Confusion

So why in the world did the Paramount logo appear on yesterday’s trailer launch of “The Avengers” rather than the Disney logo considering they are the actual distributor and marketer of the film? The answer is rather unusual according to Variety.

A year ago, after Disney made its multi-billion dollar deal with Marvel, the Mouse House agreed to takeover marketing and distribution of “The Avengers” and “Iron Man 3”. In exchange, Paramount would continue to collect 8-9% of the box-office as part of fees it would have earned for distributing the films.

Even if neither performs, Paramount will earn a minimum of $115 million. More pertinent in this case though is that they also have placement on the marketing materials for both titles despite both films being fully owned by Disney.

This will lead to some confusion in coming months as, despite the Paramount logo appearing on all the trailers and posters for the film – Disney is handling essentially everything to do with the film’s promotion like media requests, publicity events, screenings, ad buys and so forth.