Avengers Script Leak Halts Production?

Controversy swirled behind-the-scenes of the online film blogger world late last week when Samuel L. Jackson’s personal copy of the shooting script for “The Avengers” was stolen and then offered to various sites for sale – none bit.

Due to said leak, certain script pages which have already shown up in photos online are being rewritten reports FilmFanReview. The most notable scene involved Bruce Banner hulking out while Iron Man and Captain America are caught in a giant boiler room. Said scene is being axed.

Shooting had only just gotten underway in Albuquerque, New Mexico though the theft actually took place in Burbank last week when the actor was in town.

Due to the re-writes along with what is said to be “other reasons”, the production is rumored to now be on indefinite hold, though further reports since then have called this into question – Sindication have gotten notice from several people on the set who claim they have received no notification of a production breach or break and will be reporting to their jobs at next call.

UPDATE: A Disney publicist confirms that reports of a delay are not true.