“Avengers” Scribe Talks ‘Fixing’ DC Films

In an interview that certainly won’t inflame the DC vs. Marvel rivalry at all, Kevin Smith’s Fat Man on Batman podcast spoke with “Captain America” film writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus recently and the topic of the DC film universe came up.

The pair were asked by Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin about how they might approach the DC film universe and how they would ‘fix’ it. The DC films since “Man of Steel” have not been well received critically and though initially making money, they’ve also begun to wane on that front with the failure of “Justice League”. Markus answered the question and said:

“I would look at what Marvel did, out of necessity, in that they didn’t have their A-list characters, they didn’t have Spider-Man, they didn’t have the X-Men, and they went down the line and found, I mean he’s pretty fucking famous as Iron Man, but he’s, you know, he wasn’t there, and they made a really good movie out of it.

I might put Batman and Superman and everybody else, I mean, Wonder Woman is doing fine, aside for a second and go through the vast world and go ‘that guy, or that girl’ and go, ‘let’s just make a really good movie and not a universe and see what happens.’ You know, there’s a lot of spaghetti being thrown at the wall.”

The future of the DCEU is still up in the air – though hopes are high for “Aquaman,” “Shazam” and the “Wonder Woman” sequel which are all confirmed to be on the way in the next eighteen months. New photos from the set of “Wonder Woman 1984” are also popping up on social media showing stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine back in action. More photos are up at Just Jared.