“Avengers: Infinity War” First Reactions Are In

Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” just had its world premiere in Los Angeles and social media reactions have started to go online.

Full reviews are under embargo until Tuesday afternoon U.S. time, but so far the reactions from those in attendance are obeying requests to keep spoilers out of their reactions. They have, however, confirmed that the film contains only one credits stinger – all the way at the end (no mid-credits scene).

Here’s a sampling of some of the tweets that are popping up:

“Just got out of the #AvengersInfinityWar premiere. The movie is incredible, epic beyond compare. It’s everything you want it to be. Iron Man and Captain America f–k within the first fifteen minutes. Marvel fans are going to love this one – EASILY top five.” – Ben Mekler

“AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is very weighty and juggles most of its characters with consideration. It’s the closest thing to a Paul Thomas Anderson movie you’ll find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I Am Shook! #Marvel #AvengersInfinityWar” – Rudie Obias, MoviePilot

“#AvengersInfinityWar: Despite some truly thrilling moments, feels like less than the sum of its parts. A definite step down after that epic run of GotGV2 / Spidey / Thor 3 / Black Panther, but what else did I expect?” – Angie J. Han, Slashfilm

“Marvel puts it all on the table and wipes it off. Stress-inducing, full of dread, darker than usual, yet, funny as hell and super entertaining. Terrifying Thanos razes the ground without mercy. Blockbuster noise? Yes, but with emotional stakes attached. Does it have issues? Sure, it’s a punch fest, yeah, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the dynamics of all these disparate team ups. Let’s see a Thor and Rocket Racoon buddy comedy spin-off.” – Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

“AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is basically CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR times 20, except with less hero-on-hero fighting. I think people who loved the airport fight in CIVIL WAR like I did will go nuts for this film, and people who were bored will be 20 times as bored here. #InfinityWar” – Tasha Robinson, The Verge

“A movie version of a massive comic-book crossover, for better (fun character interactions) and worse (it’s pretty much all Infinity Stone shenanigans). YMMV. ” – Matt Singer, ScreenCrush

“#InfinityWar is everything you want, nothing you expect. It’s funny, surprising, dark, filled with delightful interplay between characters never seen on screen before. I know many filmmakers say they are trying to make a sequel in the vein of Empire Strikes Back, this succeeds. MVPs: Thanos!!! Thor, most of the Guardians, Peter Parker, best ending of any Marvel movie, possibly the best end credits scene of any marvel movie. Cons: Cg villains other than Thanos, teenage Groot, not enough black panther leads.” – Peter Sciretta, Slashfilm

“Emotionally, narratively, visually, Avengers: Infinity War a very impressive piece of entertainment and storytelling. Somehow, it left me exhausted and excited at the same time.” – Germain Lussier, io9

“Laughter. Fights. Tough decisions. Triumph and emptiness. @Avengers has it all. I feel the weight of what I just saw and the journey of the last ten years bearing down. Mama needs a drink. Wow. You know how Gamora says Thanos can snap his fingers and destroy the universe *just like that*? That’s how fast @Avengers feels. It might be the most intense 2.5 movie hours of your life. ” – Grae Drake, Rotten Tomatoes

“Ho-ly smokes #avengersinfinitywar. Now I know why no one could say anything about this INSANE movie. Really can’t believe what I just saw. Gah people are gonna lose their shiz. My fave thing: the humor mixed w/ crazy action.” – Kara Warner, People Magazine

“Avengers: Infinity War” will roll out across the globe this week, starting a few hours from now with midnight screenings in Australia.