“Avengers” Helmers Try “Quantum and Woody”

Anthony and Joe Russo, who got their start directing TV comedies such as “Community” and “Happy Endings,” have successfully made the jump to the big screen in recent years with the “Captain America” sequels and the upcoming next two “Avengers” films which are currently in production.

Now, The Wrap is reporting the pair are set to executive produce a television series based on Valiant Comics’ “Quantum and Woody”. Mike Larocca, Andrew Barrer, Gabriel Ferrari and Dinesh Shamdasani will also executive produce the show which has been penned by Barrer and Ferrari.

The comics follow two adoptive brothers – Eric and Woody Henderson – who grow up together as best friends, but are estranged ‘petty rivals and washed-up failures’ as adults. When their father is murdered, they reunite to investigate, but an accident with an experimental energy machine winds up giving the duo powers.

Their newfound abilities give them the opportunity to further investigate their father’s death – as well as generate energy blasts and shields – but additionally requires they stay with each other as they become the superhero team known as Quantum and Woody.

No word as to when it will begin production.