Avengers Gets Title Change, New Poster

A BIG day on “The Avengers” front for Marvel Studios with the release of a new one-sheet, a title change in at least one country, and the imminent premiere of a new trailer.

First up Empire reports that the movie has just received a title change in the UK to the slightly more complicated “Avengers Assemble”.

The alteration is to avoid audience confusion with the other “The Avengers”, that classic staple of 60’s British television (and not so classic 1998 film adaptation). Such a change would not have been done lightly, and there has obviously been research indicating title confusion with the adventures of the dapper John Steed and catsuited Emma Peel.

Next up comes the new poster which has already generated a lot of debate amongst geeks and film writers alike for the weird use of perspective that seems to have Captain America appearing to be about four stories tall and The Hulk about seven stories tall. The British version of the one-sheet, with the new title, can be seen here.