Avengers & “Ant-Man” Costume & Villain Talk

The guys at JoBlo have dropped a bunch of information from a scooper about Marvel’s two big films of next year. The scooper attended a recent Disney media event where concept art, storyboards, and rough animation were shown (likely the CineEurope conference this week in Barcelona). The scoop details various costume and set changes in store for the characters in Joss Whedon’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and Peyton Reed’s “Ant-Man”.

In ‘Ultron,’ the new Avengers Tower is the largest set ever built for a Marvel film, including a landing platform and garage for the Quinjet, and a lab directly in the middle for Stark and Banner. The Quinjet redesign features more chairs to accommodate all the Avengers and has an overall sleeker look with much more weaponry.

Black Widow’s new costume update will be more “TRON-style” in nature with blue lights and electricity around the suit. Her enemies will now receive electric shocks or a “widow’s sting” when she hits them with two batons she’s equipped with. Hulk gets dark purple “extendable” pants that expand and shrink and also features an Avengers ‘A’ logo.

Tony Stark wears the Mark 43 suit which has more gold on it than the last “Avengers,” but less than in “Iron Man 3”. The core reactor will be circular again. The Mark 44 Hulkbuster armor will also appear.

Ultron will have a full face which is being articulated, including the mouth, via performance capture from James Spader’s face. The suit mock-up is reminiscent of the weapon Coulson used in “The Avengers” and has a “red firelight underneath, giving him a kind of ‘Balrog’ effect from LOTR.”

Ultron will have an army of drones that are similar in appearance to himself but without said red energy. Finally, The Vision will be Paul Bettany with his face and body all in metallic form, very shiny with gold, red, and green (and yellow cape).

Moving on to the “Ant-Man” film now, and the suit will sport a helmet with an “Iron Man” armor style opening and closing ability, and an assortment of red lights all over it in “TRON” style. The eyes will glow red when closed.

Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is a single dad and a thief fallen on hard times. One day he breaks into Hank Pym’s apartment and steals the Ant-Man suit. Lang will be able speak to actual ants in the film via his helmet and he uses them as allies in his endeavours.

The film’s villain is Darren Cross, the owner of Cross Technological Enterprises. His cousin is Crossfire and one of them boasts a similar Ant-Man-style suit but with more of a military bent. It’s yellow and black in color, and boasts a “tendril-looking apparatus” on its back.