“Avengers 4” Photo Hints Endgame Title?

Avengers 4 Photo Hints Endgame Title

Following on from the “Captain Marvel” trailer release, the Russo Brothers used the attention being placed back on the MCU this week to post a cryptic picture from the set of the fourth “Avengers” which is currently in the midst of additional filming in Atlanta.

The tweeted photo asks fans to “look hard” and they have been. Along with spotting four ‘A’s in the film, the most common suggestion is that the photo reveals the film’s still unannounced title and some have spotted the letters ENDGAME in there – leading credence to pre-existing rumors that the fourth “Avengers” film will be titled “Avengers: Endgame”.

The film’s co-star Mark Ruffalo has indicated even the actors in the film aren’t aware of how the current third phase of the MCU will end at this point. The fourth “Avengers” opens in May next year.