Avengers 3 Boasts An All New Line-Up?

It has been a common belief that the third “Avengers” film will be the last big blow-out for the current line-up of Marvel cinematic heroes, after which new faces are set to come in. But what if that character exchange happens earlier than expected?

Badass Digest reports that Marvel Studios is set to shake up their universe in an unexpected way, specifically using the third “Avengers” film as a spring board for “something else”. Not only does their source claim the film will NOT be a two-parter as rumored earlier, but that the current Avengers themselves “may not even appear” in the third “Avengers”.

What that “something else” is? Hard to say, but the site says it could be a massive “all-franchise crossover” which would bring together pretty much everyone involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.