Avatar Tops Domestic Box-Office Grosses

It’s official. Through Tuesday, James Cameron’s “Avatar” has scored a total domestic box-office take of $601.142 million reports Box Office Mojo. That number pushes the sci-fi epic up to being the #1 highest grossing domestic film of all time, edging past Cameron’s own 1997 feature “Titanic” with $600.8 million.

The record fell in seven weeks, “Avatar” taking in that time what “Titanic” took essentially a year to achieve. Admittedly “Avatar” was helped by higher ticket prices and additional costs for 3D viewing.

The film currently sits at $2.07 billion worldwide. In gross totals, it tops almost every chart. One notable exception though are domestic grosses adjusted for inflation. On that list, “Avatar” presently sits at #21 between “Fantasia” ($632m) and “The Godfather” ($600.6m). “Gone with the Wind” sits unchallenged on the top of that list with $1.53 billion.