Avatar Sketches Sadly Shot Down

The Net got very excited over the weekend as MarketSaw got their hands on what was apparently a bunch of concept art for the Na’vi alien race in James Cameron’s upcoming 3D sci-fi epic “Avatar”.

The sketches however have proven to be fake. Concept artist Jonay Bacallado drew the sketches and according to the site requested they be removed.

Bacallado worked as an illustrator and costume designer on the project and claims “The images were created before anyone at costume department was hired… These pics were my passport, just to prove I could handle the job, they gave me freedom to create.” In other words they have nothing to do with the film.

The site’s writers however believe the sketches are “really early concept art” and the designs do seem to fit loosely to what’s been glimpsed of the Na’vi so far in sketchy EPK photos and video leaked so far.

The first teaser trailer for the film is expected to be premiered at the 3D Entertainment Summit in LA in early December.