Avatar Sequels Hitting Manhattan Beach

Director James Cameron and 20th Century Fox have signed a lease for studio and office space at MBS Media Campus (formerly known as Manhattan Beach Studios) in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles says The Hollywood Reporter.

The deal means the facility will be used for the motion capture photography and high-tech production on the two sequels to “Avatar”. The 580,000-square-foot studio and office facility, which houses 15 soundstages, is also likely to become the new home of Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment.

The original “Avatar” was centered in Playa Vista while Lightstorm was headquartered in Santa Monica. This deal means Cameron could consolidate his offices and studio into one location which are expected to take up as much as 90,000 square feet of space for the length of the production.

The original’s live-action scenes were shot in New Zealand and Cameron is presently unsure if he’ll do the same with the sequels.