Avatar Sequels Could Film In China?

James Cameron says that he’s looking “very seriously at the possibility of a co-production” with Chinese production companies for the upcoming “Avatar” sequels.

The “Titanic” filmmaker, who has been visiting Beijing over the past few days, tells Reuters that “The question is, what’s required of us? In terms of configuring the market for the Chinese marketplace, and what economic benefit do we get in return.”

He then goes on to say “If it works – and I want to definitely stress if – it seems to me it could be very advantageous to the Chinese film community, because for us to do a film like Avatar which is an entirely studio shoot, we wouldn’t be here for the scenery … We’d be bringing in infrastructure to do virtual production, to do 3-D photography and so on, which I would think would be a positive technology exchange into this film-making community.”