Avatar Sequel Trilogy Scripts Almost Done

James Cameron participated in a Reddit AMA this morning to help promote his upcoming Showtime docu-series “Years of Living Dangerously”. Naturally talk turned toward a bunch of other projects, mot notably how his planned trilogy of “Avatar” sequels is currently progressing.

Cameron says that the scripts for the three planned films will be completed around Memorial Day:

“The second, third and fourth films all go into production simultaneously. They’re essentially all in preproduction now, because we are designing creatures, settings, and characters that span all three films. And we should be finished with all three scripts within the next, I would say, six weeks.”

In terms of filling out the trilogy, Cameron says his issue has been having to cut back on stuff to include:

“The biggest pressure I feel right now is cutting out things I love to get the film down to a length that is affordable. There hasn’t been a problem finding new and wonderful things to include in the movie.”

He also gave an interesting response when asked if he’d ever do another “Alien” movie:

“We never talked about Alien 3. I don’t remember the timing exactly, but I might have been making the Abyss at that time, also for Fox. What came up was the idea of doing Alien 5, and at one point I pitched that I would write it and produce it, and Ridley would direct it, and we had lunch talking about this, and we were in violent agreement, then nothing happened.

What happened was Fox went ahead with Aliens Vs Predator, and I said ‘I really don’t recommend that, you’ll ruin the franchise, it’s like Universal doing Dracula versus the Werewolf,’ and then I lost interest in doing an Alien film. But Prometheus is seen as the A-level alien, as opposed to rather, the derivative. I don’t think I have anything to offer on the Prometheus sequels, that’s Ridley’s, I think I’ll stick to the Avatar universe.

I thought it [Prometheus] was an interesting film. I thought it was thought provoking and beautifully, visually mounted, but at the end of the day it didn’t add up logically. But I enjoyed it, and I’m glad it was made. I liked it better than the previous two Alien sequels.”