Avatar, “Potter” Runtime Talk

One surprising bit of talk that has emerged in the past day over James Cameron’s “Avatar” is the film’s runtime.

Cameron’s films have generally had theatrical cuts of around 140 minutes with one or two exceptions like “The Terminator” at 108 minutes and “Titanic” at 194 minutes.

The other day a posting at Film Crew T-Shirt suggested a 189 minute runtime and the story got picked up and widely spread thanks to a /Film posting.

Former CHUD submissive turned /Film dominatrix Russ Fischer followed-up with “Avatar” producer John Landau at the E3 video game convention yesterday and Landau confirmed that it is “definitely over two and a half hours”.

The huggable Drew McWeeny over at HitFix has penned a fantastic write-up of his visit to a 3D presentation of the “Avatar” game tie-in that took place at E3.

In far less controversial news, sources here in Australia have confirmed that “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” clocks in at a final runtime of 153 minutes.