Avatar 4 Scribe Adapts Mack Bolan Novels

He’s penning the fourth and last of the scripts for James Cameron’s upcoming “Avatar” trilogy, now screenwriter Shane Salerno has scored the film rights to Don Pendleton’s prolific book series about elite anti-terrorist operative Mack Bolan.

Salerno has closed a deal with the author’s estate and Gold Eagle Books to develop the character into a feature film series which he will write and produce. The aim is to make a “relevant, grounded and gritty, real-world PG-13 action-drama film series” with the groundwork for a trilogy laid out.

The series launched 45 years ago with Pendleton penning thirty-eight volumes in just over a decade. Since then ghost writers have taken over the run and the company still publishes a new title monthly with around nine hundred books released and more than 200 million copies in circulation. There’s even four spin-off book series in release.

The likes of Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, and Vin Diesel have been linked to previous attempts to adapt the books onto the big screen but so far no-one has made it to the starting gate.

Source: Deadline