Avatar 2 Backs Away From Christmas 2017

James Cameron’s long in the works sequel to “Avatar” looks to be staying that way with the film opting to abandon its Christmas 2017 release reports The Wrap.

Earlier in the week, Disney Pictures decided to delay “Star Wars: Episode VIII” by half a year, pushing it back to a December 15th 2017 release – the same weekend that the “Avatar” sequel had long been aiming for (but never officially staked out). This led many to speculate as to which would blink first and move, and maybe the Disney execs knew something we didn’t because it didn’t prove to be a long wait.

James Cameron’s follow-up to his 2009 sci-fi starrer has been pushed back several times as plans for the project expanded into wilder ambitions regarding a back-to-back trilogy of films being shot. Cameron also has the luxury of being able to take his time with the films, making sure they’re done right rather than to meet a release date.

At present there is no new date scheduled. Filming on the project is said to be taking place for a good portion of this year.