Australian “Horror Movie” Doco Airing Set

One of the more frank and wryly amusing feature-length ‘making of’ documentaries you’ll see, “Horror Movie” shows the truly roller coaster journey of Australian actor/filmmaker Craig Anderson and his attempts to get the super low budget horror film “Red Christmas” made.

“Red Christmas” stars Dee Wallace and follows an aborted fetus that has grown up and now seeks revenge on its family. It is now available on home video, but that’s only half the story. Best watched beforehand is “Horror Movie” which sees Anderson put through the ringer as he tries to get the project made – despite so much of it threatening to collapse at any moment.

Spiraling budgets, union issues, and even a adult circumcision all come into play in the special which airs in Australia on ABC on Halloween night at 9:30pm. Hopefully it will pop up online soon, for now check the trailer for both it and “Red Christmas” below.