Australia Set Hit By Flooding

Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia” has suffered a bit of an unexpected setback – flooding. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Faraway Downs homestead set for the Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman lead epic period piece has been unexpectedly deluged with water.

The damage has been severe enough that the crew has pulled up stakes and moved shooting to another part of the country. Whilst things are being setup there, Kidman and Jackman have flown back to Sydney to shoot some interior scenes in the interim.

The location manager admits that “There will be a cost involved but we did have to shoot in Sydney, so we’ll go back there and regroup.” As for how did this happen? “It’s like rain in the Sahara, it’s as unexpected as that… We looked at the records which have existed since 1889 and there has never been anything like this in June.”