Australia Hits Last Minute Hiccups

20th Century Fox isn’t showing any signs of nerves today despite reports that Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia” is still unfinished.

For several months it had been widely speculated that perfectionist Luhrmann may not have the film ready in time for its simultaneous US, UK and Australian releases on November 26th as he had regularly asked Fox executives to delay the release over the past year.

He then revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald two weeks ago that he’ll make the date, but due to timing being so tight he will deliver the film reel by reel to the studio rather than altogether – something almost unheard of.

Luhrmann says that the structure and story are locked and ready, what remained to be tweaked were various post-production elements including some visual effects and sound mixing and while they will be finished, it will be “very close to the wire”.

Fox Australia’s Marcos Oliveira tells SMH today that he’s not concerned – “What I know is the film is getting very beautiful and it’s getting ready very soon. He’s a perfectionist. I’m assuming that he’s taking care of every reel perfectly. As long as I’ve got an entire film to sell, everything is fine.”

There has been one minor issue – the film’s poster has had to be reprinted because Tasmania was apparently missing from a small map of Australia positioned in the title.

Details of the film’s premiere, media screenings and press junket are currently being sorted out.