Australia Delayed Two Weeks

As expected, 20th Century Fox’s period romancer “Australia” has been moved out of its November 14th release slot to the November 26th Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

With fantasy juggernaut “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” having vacated the prime pre-Thanksgiving weekend this year, various other features have slid in to that week and the following to fill its place. “Australia” now joins that list and in doing so, fills the needs of an otherwise neglected demographic – older women.

All the other films of the holiday cover all the other demos – “Bolt” for the kids, “Twilight” for the female teens, “The Transporter 3” for the male teens, and the likes of “Milk”, “The Road” and “The Soloist” for the arthouse crowd. Add to that is the new James Bond feature “Quantum of Solace” scheduled to open November 14th and now dominate much of the November/December box-office.

When 007 was pushed back a week last week, it was expected the Baz Luhrmann romantic epic would move to avoid the Bond juggernaut. Opening against Bond in its third week and “Twilight” in its second, the film now has a shot at being #1 at the holiday box-office if it can overcome the general lack of buzz it is currently receiving.