Austin Powers 4 Still Under Consideration

Almost fourteen years on from “Austin Powers in Goldmember” and talk of another film in Mike Myers’ comedy series have varied between non-existent to mere rumblings. Jay Roach, out doing promotional rounds for the “All the Way” film which premiered last night on HBO, confirmed he’s still discussing the film with Myers.

Speaking with Larry King Now, Roach says he and Myers are still kicking around ideas, but nothing has quite “stuck yet” and neither is in a rush to make a release date:

“You know, Mike Myers and I talk about it every time we get together. I would say it’s in a latent phase right now, but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure. Mike gave me the break of a lifetime in letting me direct [Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] so I’m always good to go.”

The most recent rumors were that the fourth would center on a “very personal [story] with a father and son theme loosely based on Myers’ own life,” but the story in the film would’ve focused on Dr. Evil and Scott (Seth Green).