Aussie Scribes Try Out For “Star Wars” Series

Various scribes are trying out for the upcoming “Star Wars” live-action series set to head into production towards year’s end in Sydney, Australia reports Sci-Fi TV

Scribes from two of the more acclaimed and award-winning local dramas in recent years – FOX8’s “”Love My Way” (cast pictured) and TEN’s “The Secret Life of Us” – have been approached by ‘Wars’ producer Rick McCallum to pen episodes of the show which takes place in the era between the prequels and the original trilogy.

The choices are interesting in that both shows are very much contemporary relationship dramas dealing with people in their 20’s & 30’s and generally female-targeted, unlike many sci-fi shows which hire writers who’ve often worked in the genre before.

Yet it’s not unheard of, especially in the local Oz TV industry. The upcoming Australian-produced vampire action movie “Daybreakers” for example has filled three of its key seven roles with ‘Secret Life’ cast members Michael Dorman, Vince Colosimo and Claudia Karvan who played the sister of Natalie Portman’s character in the second ‘Wars’ prequel (though her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor).

As previously stated, the series will deal with lesser or new characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe none of the major characters showing up with the odd exception in potential cameos and ‘Special Guest Star’ type roles. McCallum himself revealed last year that the Boba Fett character will play a key part however in the show.