Aussie “Ninja Turtles” Poster Scores Criticism

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into the back end of Summer, day-and-date film releases have all but dried up – a fact that can be visibly seen by the lack of social media whinging by those who bemoan the few weeks every May when overseas audiences get a handful of blockbusters first.

Paramount’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for example doesn’t hit overseas in quite a few places until several weeks after its U.S. launch. Here in Australia, it’s scheduled to open a full month later on September 11th.

Unfortunately a poster for the film crafted by the local distributor opted to use the clearly spelled out release date with the image of the turtles falling out of an exploding New York skyscraper. Here’s the same poster, but without the specific Aussie release date.

It’s a rookie marketing mistake that would’ve probably gone unseen in the pre-Internet age. These days? Not a chance. The one-sheet went online and quickly came under fire for its accidental association with the World Trade Center attacks on the same date back in 2001.

The tweet first showcasing the poster was deleted within minutes of it going up, but nothing is every truly deleted and the poster has since been making the rounds. It’s an unfortunate incident, and the distributor has reacted in the right way by pulling it. It also likely means this poster won’t be used again in the Australian outdoor ad campaign, a shame considering the art itself is amongst the best so far for the film.