Audio Emerges Of Chris Farley As Shrek

Before his death in December of 1997, comedian Chris Farley was cast in the titular ogre role in DreamWorks Animation’s “Shrek”.

The film was still in the early stages back then, years away from its release in 2001, but Farley had recorded the majority of his dialogue for the project before he died. Even so, the studio ultimately recast him with former SNL co-star Mike Meyers and of course that lead to one of the biggest animated film franchises there is with $3.5 billion at the global box office.

Today, producer John Garbett has uploaded a story reel from the early days of production on the film which includes storyboards with the original voice work done by Farley as Shrek in a scene with Eddie Murphy as Donkey. Gone is the angry Scottish accent Meyers opted to employ, replaced by something more akin to the late Farley’s usual voice.

The clip comes as the documentary “I Am Chris Farley” was released in cinemas last week.