Attack on Titan Gets A Live-Action TV Series

When it comes to manga and anime, the juggernaut that has crossed over into mainstream success in recent years has been the “Attack on Titan” franchise.

Starting as manga in 2009, the property has seen a real boost in the past year or so thanks to an anime series adaptation in 2013, and tankobon volumes of the original manga being released this past December. Over 45 million volumes were in print by late last year.

The story is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls as a defense against the Titans – gigantic humanoid creatures who eat humans. The action follows three people who join the military, but as the origin of the Titans arises, things take a more sinister tone.

Now, not only is the franchise getting two live-action films later this year, it has been revealed that a live-action TV series is also in the works and is set to air this August on Japanese streaming service dTV.

The show will reportedly feature the same cast from the movies and focuses on a side character from the manga who researches the origins of the monstrous, humanity-chomping Titans. Several other cast members from the movies will appear too, along with new characters created just for the series.

The show will reportedly act as a bridge between the two live-action films airing in July and August, telling the story of the everyday lives of the Survey Corps when they’re not fighting Titans.

This comes ahead of the second season of the anime which doesn’t go to air until 2016.

Source: ANN