Atlas Shrugged Becomes A Mini-Series?

The Risky Biz Blog reports that Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been meeting during the past several months with Lionsgate and producers Howard and Karen Baldwin on the long-gestating film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s epic “Atlas Shrugged”.

From those meetings, her hesitation about many of the book’s nuances being lost has lead to a potential new avenue for the tome – a pay cable mini-series. Theron and the producers have been discussing the property as a potential high-profile event on Epix, the pay-cable network Lionsgate is forming with MGM and Viacom/Paramount.

Yet the actress isn’t yet locked either, in fact late Monday Theron’s reps told the site she’s “not moving forward with the project”. Angelina Jolie had been loosely attached to the material in recent times as well.

The uncertainty continues the long and difficult process that ‘Atlas’ has been enduring since the early 1970’s when the first attempt was made to translate Rand’s 1957 magnum opus to the big screen.

The 1,000-page novel centers on Taggart, a railroad executive trying to keep her corporation competitive in a world she sees as hostile to innovation. Among its most famous passages is a 50-page speech from mysterious character John Galt, regarded as a veiled expression of Rand’s own ideas which promoted unbridled pure capitalism.

The clock is ticking however on the film’s production as the producer’s option with the Rand estate expires if principal photography does not begin in 2010.