Atlas Shrugged And Sent A Pink Slip

When word came last month that the film production of “Atlas Shrugged” was being rushed forward into shooting quickly and on the cheap, Stephen Polk was attached to direct and seemed excited by the opportunity.

A month later and filming on the Ayn Rand adaptation got underway…without Polk. Paul Johansson, who stars in the male lead role, turns out to also be directing this $5 million first film in a planned quadrilogy based on the property.

Polk is naturally unhappy he got replaced just two weeks before production started, so much so he’s hired an attorney and predicts litigation in the near future reports Deadline.

Polk tells the site: “I had some real names seriously interested, but it had to be a real feature film, and I feel like I had the rug pulled out from under me. When we talked about cast, even B-list cast, they were like, ‘we don’t need names.’ It was great material, people were interested, but there were red flags. it’s devastating to me. They replaced me with a TV actor, this has TV written all over it. They’ve fired other people. I was trying to embrace the spirit of Atlas Shrugged, and it will be interesting to see if they can still pull it off.”