Athlete Jim Brown Gets A Biopic

Gridiron legend turned actor Jim Brown has pledged his life rights to producer Hal Lieberman for a biopic which Bob Eisele (“The Great Debaters”) will script and Jonathan Hock (“The Lost Son Of Havana”) will direct says Deadline.

Brown was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and set every record for a pro running back in North American football. In 2002 Sporting News called him the greatest professional football player ever.

He retired at 29 to become Hollywood’s first African American action star and later an outspoken advocate for inner city youth.

He starred in numerous cinematic hits in the 60’s through to the 90’s including “The Dirty Dozen”, “Ice Station Zebra,” “The Running Man” and “Mars Attacks”, and made history with Raquel Welch with the pair filming one of the first onscreen interracial love scenes in 1969’s “100 Rifles”.

The biopic is said to “focus on several facets of a remarkable life”.